Liberals still apathetic on emergency response

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earthquake-shake-hazard-mapVICTORIA – British Columbia is unprepared for a catastrophic earthquake and the premier is still trying to hide that truth from the public, says Mike Farnworth, New Democrat spokesperson for public safety.

“For the Liberals to play politics with people’s lives is shameful,” said Mike Farnworth, New Democrat spokesperson for public safety. “Henry Renteria gave the attorney general his report in December, and now we know why the premier didn’t want anyone to see it.”

Quietly released before the legislature breaks for two weeks, the Renteria report says only one of nearly 40 action items needed to get B.C. prepared is even under way.

“When the government knew a damning auditor general report was coming, they tried to get out in front of it by appointing their friend John Les to head a review, along with Mr. Renteria. When the public caught wind of the patronage appointment, the Liberals were forced to rescind the appointment of Les,” said Farnworth.  “Now, Mr. Renteria brings forward a credible report, and the Liberals try to bury it while they keep reporters busy with other stories.”

What’s worse, Farnworth pointed out, is that the premier flat-lined funding for emergency preparedness in this year’s budget.

“Premier Clark knows the huge risks involved, and yet Emergency Management B.C. still does not have sufficient resources or authority to take action and save lives,” Farnworth said. “The premier and the attorney general must answer for this.”