New Democrats elect Economic Sectors and Stronger Communities team leaders

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VANCOUVER – The two New Democrat teams created by leader John Horgan to speak up for B.C.’s neglected economic sectors and communities elected their leadership Friday.

“Premier Clark and the B.C. Liberals are all about themselves — massive salary increases and under-the-table payments while our schools and hospitals languish,” said Horgan. “My teams are going to bring the people of B.C. back into the equation.”

New Democrat finance spokesperson Carole James was elected Chair of the Economic Sectors team while  Deputy Finance and  ICBC spokesperson Mable Elmore was elected Vice-Chair.

“There are businesses across B.C. that have nothing to do with LNG, but you wouldn’t know it from the government’s myopic focus,” said James. “I’m excited to lead a team that will advocate for real B.C. benefits on LNG and for all the neglected sectors that could be creating more good jobs for British Columbians.”

New Democrat spokesperson for local government and sports Selina Robinson was elected Chair of the Stronger Communities team and justice spokesperson Leonard Krog was elected Vice-Chair.

“I’m honoured to have the confidence of my colleagues, because our job is tough and badly needed,” said Robinson. “This is a government that has turned its back on our schools and hospitals and is making hard-to-reverse decisions that hurt people and the environment.”