Wilkinson and BC Liberals put big oil ahead of working people on gasoline price gouging

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Earlier this year, Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals opposed the NDP government’s decision to put gasoline price gouging under the microscope of a BC Utilities Commission review.

Now we know why.

A report released today by the commission clearly states that the cause of gasoline price spikes is a market that is “not truly competitive” which results in unexplained higher gas prices for consumers and potentially higher profits for oil companies.

The report says this lack of competition costs BC consumers $490 million annually.

But instead of standing up for BC consumers who are being ripped off, Wilkinson is still pushing for a half-baked plan that would just make oil companies even richer. His scheme has already been panned by experts: “It wouldn’t really change the prices, but it would boost the profits of the oil companies and it would do absolutely nothing for consumers.”  – Werner Antweiler, Professor UBC Sauder School of Business (CBC, April 26, 2019).

BC NDP MLA Bruce Ralston:

“It is deeply troubling that Mr. Wilkinson seems more concerned about helping oil companies than BC consumers. Our primary concern as BC New Democrats is bringing fairness and transparency to B.C. motorists.”