Making your life more affordable

It’s time for new leadership that makes life more affordable for people. British Columbians work hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. But for years, life in B.C. has been getting harder and more expensive. That’s about to change. Premier John Horgan and the BC New Democrat government are getting to work to take real action to make your life more affordable – like reducing or eliminating fees, tolls and fares and implementing plans for affordable housing and quality childcare.

For years, the B.C. Liberals watched housing prices skyrocket while they raked in millions from big developers and their real estate friends, while B.C. families paid the price.  They tripled tuition and doubled MSP fees, leaving families to pay more while the wealthiest British Columbians and big banks received hefty tax-breaks.

After 16 years of watching the B.C. Liberals work for banks and other rich donors, people voted for a new government to work together to build a better B.C. and focus on the things that matter to people.