BC Coroners Service report shows domestic violence issues getting worse, not better under Christy Clark

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VICTORIA— A report showing an increase in domestic violence deaths and calling on the Clark government to do a better job of helping victims was released by the BC Coroners Service on Wednesday, proving that Premier Christy Clark’s declaration of “Violence-Free BC” is more empty words, say New Democrats.
“The Coroners Service report found that 100 people were killed as a result of domestic violence between 2010 and 2015 and that that number represents just a small percentage of all victims of domestic violence.“ New Democrat women’s spokesperson Maurine Karagianis said. “And on top of that, in 2014 and 2015, after the Premier said she had taken action, there was actually an increase in intimate partner homicides in BC.”
Karagianis noted the report confirms that domestic violence in BC affects people of all social, economic and cultural backgrounds but that “the overwhelming burden” of domestic violence incidents is “borne by women”. Advocates for eliminating violence against women are calling the 100 deaths reviewed by the Coroners Service just “the tip of the iceberg”.
“The Christy Clark government is a lot of talk and little action on transition houses and other resources that would help women fleeing abusive and violent circumstances. The Coroners panel has told the BC Liberals once again that they must do much more to address violence against women in our province; making recommendations for actions that this government said it was undertaking over two year ago but has clearly failed to do.”
“Action could start, for instance, with government expediting funding for a shelter for abused women and children in Delta. The federal government is providing $122,000 for renovations and the Corporation of Delta is providing the house, but the provincial government has not allocated any money to the operation,” said Karagianis
“Violence against women continues to be an ongoing and growing issue in British Columbia, and this report confirms that the BC Liberal government is not doing enough to provide services and supports for women and families,” Karagianis concluded.