BC Liberals double down on old policies that are bad for people

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VANCOUVER – Instead of showing they’ve learned from their mistakes, the BC Liberals used this weekend’s convention to double down on the same bad ideas that British Columbians have rejected in the past:


  • Cancel the NDP plan to eliminate MSP premiums – after the BC Liberals doubled premiums while in government 
  •  Privatize ICBC, making car insurance more expensive – after years of bad BC Liberal decisions drove ICBC $1.3 billion into the red 
  • Give a $200 million tax break to people with homes worth over $3 million by cancelling the NDP’s school tax – after giving tax breaks to the top 2% while in government
  • Cancel the NDP speculation and vacancy tax – after refusing to act for years as BC’s housing crisis grew out of control



“This weekend, the BC Liberals showed they’re still not working for people. Instead of taking a real look at their past mistakes and learning from them, they doubled down on policies that don’t work for British Columbians. They’re the same old BC Liberals.” – Ravi Kahlon, New Democrat MLA for Delta North