BC Liberals in their own words: five years of refusing to act on ride-hailing

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VICTORIA – For five years, the BC Liberals refused to take action to bring in ride-hailing. Here are some of the explanations they provided along the way:

“Uber is using rates below those required by the Passenger Transportation Board. We are working with this company, which is providing a new service. However, we must ensure it is fair and that it does not detract from existing businesses that are licensed to operate. In the interim, starting this weekend, the company will use the minimum rate of $75 for each trip.” – Former Transportation Minister Mary Polak, Nov 23, 2012 (link)

“My message to Uber and any other company like Uber is: We have rules; we have laws in this province that are all about protecting the travelling public and ensuring that people can travel safely. If Uber wants to operate in this province, they’re going to have to operate under the same rules taxi operators currently abide by.” – Former Transportation Minister Todd Stone, Nov 2, 2014

We will have dozens of undercover enforcement officers who will be at the ready to ensure that anyone who is providing a taxi-like service is doing so with a proper license.” – Todd Stone, Nov 3, 2014

“It is not good enough to simply voluntarily stand up and say we believe we provide a safe service. If Uber believes it meets certain safety requirements then they should have no fear of sitting down with the passenger transportation branch and going through the same process that every other taxi and limousine company has to follow.” – Todd Stone, Nov 3, 2014

“BC rejects Uber request to revise licensing regulations.” – Globe and Mail headline, Jan 21, 2016 (link)