British Columbians still paying the price for Wilkinson and Stone’s bad choices at ICBC

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VICTORIA – British Columbians are still paying the price for years of bad choices at ICBC from BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and former Transportation Minister Todd Stone, but an announcement from ICBC today means that drivers will avoid the 40 per cent rate increase that the BC Liberals set them on track for.

In their time in government, the BC Liberals raided over a billion dollars from ICBC. They were given clear solutions to fix their financial mess, but refused to act and then hid the recommendations from the public. The BC Liberals left drivers on the hook for over $1.3 billion in losses.

When Wilkinson tried to shift blame for ICBC’s losses onto Stone in a BC Liberal leadership debate earlier this year, Stone pointed out: “I would remind you that you were sitting at the cabinet table with me for the last four and a half years, as we discussed ICBC many many times.” (January 23, 2018)

Here’s what the columnists have had to say about the BC Liberal record:

“What a mess and the blame firmly lays at the feet of the previous BC Liberal government.” – Gary Mason (28 Jan 2018)

“They basically used ICBC like an ATM machine… like a gas thief, siphoning money out of a gas tank.” – Mike Smyth (17 Aug 2017)

“The blame belongs with the previous government, which put off the fix for so long that the most severe remedies were unavoidable.” – Vaughn Palmer (26 Jan 2018)