Changes for party bus industry a good first step, says Heyman

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VANCOUVER – New Democrat MLA George Heyman released the following statement on today’s announcement of regulatory changes for the limousine and party bus industry:

“These changes to better regulate the party bus industry are a great first step in protecting the lives of young people.  I want to congratulate and thank Danielle and Julie Raymond for their tireless advocacy on this issue for the last six years in remembrance of Shannon Raymond, who tragically lost her life during a party bus incident.  Their fight pushed the government to make changes so that no other young people, like Shannon and Ernest Azoadam, would be as likely to lose their young lives.

“While amending the Passenger Transportation Regulation governing licensing for limousines will help increase safety on party buses, it falls short of implementing the changes I called for in legislation last year. These further safety measures, some of which are being implemented in places like Washington State, would include requiring chaperones for groups of minors, designating safe drop-off zones, and training for drivers to respond to medical emergencies.”