Empty Throne Speech shows Liberals not up to the challenge

VICTORIA – New Democrat leader Adrian Dix said the B.C. Liberals' Throne Speech showed a government that is at the end of its mandate and disconnected from the very real challenges facing British Columbians today.

“The Liberals seem to have given up on their own goal of a comprehensive jobs plan, leaving natural gas exports as their only approach to the economy,” said Dix. “They have simply given up on sectors like forestry, film and television, high tech and tourism.

“The Liberals' Prosperity Fund is a deliberate distraction from their mismanagement of fiscal issues, such as hiding B.C. Hydro's expenses in deferral accounts. Next week we will see a budget that will claim to be balanced, but is based upon a one-time, short-sighted fire sale of assets. Everything the Liberals are doing is focused on their short term desire to hold on to power, with no thought of today's needs or tomorrow's consequences.”

Prior to the last election, the Liberals claimed the deficit would be $495 million maximum, but after they were elected the deficit ballooned to close to $2 billion. That led directly to the HST, which has been the dominant achievement of the Liberals' term in office.

“The Liberals deserve credit for their commitment to bring in a seniors advocate and to take more action on bullying,” added Dix.

B.C. needs a new government with new priorities to address today's challenges. New Democrats will bring change for the better, one practical step at a time.