Yeah, no. He didn’t.

You’d have to ask him why:

Original release:

VICTORIA – After months of refusing to show their work on money laundering, the BC Liberals have notified Attorney General David Eby that they have waived cabinet confidence regarding documents from the previous government.

“I must admit, I never thought they’d actually agree to this,” said Eby. “But I am happy to be wrong on this and I want to thank Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals for putting politics aside and, honestly, for their bravery in taking this step.”

The request to waive cabinet confidence came after Rich Coleman claimed the BC Liberal government did “everything we could” to combat the rise of money laundering in BC. The Attorney General then wrote to Mike De Jong and subsequently to Andrew Wilkinson asking that the BC Liberals allow the current government access to these documents to aid in establishing policies and structures to end this criminal activity.

“It’s not everyday that you see something like this – political opponents working together on an issue that touches several industries and has a real impact on people’s lives,” said Eby. “Hopefully British Columbians will see more of this kind of cooperation in the future.”