“Is he just legitimately on a different planet?” and other things people are saying about Andrew Wilkinson’s opposition to interest-free student loans

Hot on the heels of calling renting “fun” and “wacky,” BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson is facing a whole new backlash for being “out of touch with the real world” on the lives of students.

Yesterday afternoon, BC NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon posted audio of a recent interview in which Wilkinson criticizes government’s decision to take the interest off BC student loans. Wilkinson believes “students may get carried away with debt” and then refuse to pay back their loans.

He goes on to admit that when he was Minister of Advanced Education, he knew students who had $80,000 in debt and “had no way to get out of it.” Instead of considering that those students could use help paying off their debt, Wilkinson actually argues against removing the interest on their loans.

Here’s how people responded to that on Facebook:

“This guy has no clue how the vast majority of people live” – Alex M.

“Yes they are just [too] carried away paying rent in their “wacky time” of life. That’s like saying nobody pays back zero interest loans for cars. Get a grip.” – Bryce W.

“His is not [in] touch with reality” – Ron R.

“He needs a reality check” – Paula C.

“This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” – Allison B.

“BC Liberal Leader totally out of touch with the real world.” – Dave S.

“Does this guy have any clue?” – Stephen W.

“How out of touch can you be[?]” – Christy H.

“Is it a wacky time of life [to] be riddled with thousands and thousands of dollars of student loans too?” – Naomi N.

“‘Renting can be fun’ and now this lol” – Leo H.

“HE WON’T STOP” – Brian C.

“Is Andrew Wilkinson trying to systematically alienate every person who is not well off or is he just legitimately on a different planet?” – James N.