James Announces Shadow Cabinet

VICTORIA – New Democrat leader Carole James today announced the members of the official Opposition shadow cabinet.  She said the new NDP team will hold the Campbell Carole Jamesgovernment accountable for its election promises and provide positive alternatives to help British Columbians through the economic recession, to protect our environment, and to improve vital public services.

“The new NDP team reflects the diversity of the province and the communities they represent,” said James.  “I have charged them with holding the Campbell government accountable and with providing positive solutions that reflect the core values New Democrats bring to the legislature – fairness, opportunity and equality.”

James said the caucus members will start by focusing on the government’s response to the economic recession.  She said that since the election the premier has backed away from his commitments to protect vital public services like health care and education and is hiding the true state of B.C.’s finances.

“Premier Campbell is poised to break his fundamental election promise to protect core public services,” said James.  “Proposed cuts to health care revealed this week will make tough times tougher and will hurt B.C.’s economic recovery.

“Mr. Campbell needs to recognize that his government has a responsibility to help stimulate economic recovery and provide security to families and communities facing hardship,” James said. “He must recognize British Columbians’ right to an economy that works for everyone and to fundamentals like quality health care, safe communities, education and opportunity for all.”

James said that the premier should provide British Columbians with an honest economic and fiscal update to provide a clear picture of the province’s fiscal situation.  She said that British Columbians deserve the truth to make the right decisions about spending priorities and the steps that are needed to protect services, grow the economy and bring B.C.’s books back to balance.

“The B.C. Liberals are putting off the budget until the fall but our team is getting down to work holding the government accountable for hiding the truth about the deficit and breaking its key election promises. At the same time, we’ll put forward positive solutions to grow the economy and provide security to families and communities,” James said.