Krog Urges Elections B.C. to Forward HST Bill to Legislature

VICTORIA – New Democrat Attorney General critic Leonard Krog has sent a letter to Chief Electoral Officer Craig James laying out the reasons why he believes Elections B.C. should forward the HST initiative petition and draft bill to the legislature.Leonard Krog

Krog’s letter follows Elections B.C.’s decision to not refer the bill to the Select Standing Committee on Legislative Initiatives because of a court challenge by a group of B.C. Liberal allies.

In the letter, Krog says that at the very least Elections B.C. owes the public an explanation for the reasons behind the decision, including any legal opinions received.

Last week, New Democrat leader Carole James urged the premier to call the legislature back and table the HST initiative bill for debate.

A copy of Krog’s letter to James is attached.

Attachment: krog_letter_to_james