Local MLA Sheila Malcolmson speaks about BC’s action on climate change

NANAIMO – The New Democrat MLA for Nanaimo spoke in the B.C. Legislature today about how her government’s CleanBC plan to tackle climate change is a “win-win” for B.C.’s economy and the global environment.

Highlights from MLA Malcolmson’s statement:

“Making our buildings and our communities more environmentally friendly builds jobs, health and affordability, and it cuts carbon emissions. This idea — that the transition to a low-carbon economy also improves quality of life — is at the heart of CleanBC, our government’s new climate plan. The green building industry already employs 32,000 people in B.C., in jobs like architecture, manufacturing and installation, so we are already well on our way.”

“We’re upgrading the B.C. building code to get more energy efficient buildings underway and providing incentives for owners and the construction industry to build and renovate high-efficiency buildings.”

“In the bigger picture, it’s not just about what individuals do with their homes. We’re also focused on cutting corporate emissions. Methane emissions generated from waste in agricultural sectors have to reduce. Our goal is to see 75 percent of landfill methane captured by 2030, and 95 percent of organic waste will be diverted from landfills and turned into renewable resources. We’re speeding up the switch to cleaner fuels, making our fuel cleaner by increasing the low-carbon fuel standard to 20 percent by 2030.”

“With the right leadership, we can improve both our economic and environmental outcomes for the long term. Climate action is a win-win for our local economy and our global environment, and we are innovating, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and adding good-paying jobs.”

Watch Malcolmson’s full statement here: bit.ly/2McCod3

Learn more about B.C.’s CleanBC plan: cleanbc.gov.bc.ca/