MLA Malcolmson celebrates over 500 new affordable homes underway for people in Nanaimo

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Nanaimo – Local New Democrat MLA Sheila Malcolmson is celebrating 518 units of new affordable housing for seniors, families, and people experiencing homelessness already built or underway in Nanaimo.

The housing across Nanaimo is part of 20,000 units of new housing underway in nearly 80 communities across B.C.

“Years of inaction on the housing crisis left too many people without an affordable place to live. Since day one, our government has made tackling the housing crisis a priority and we’re delivering results,” said Malcolmson. “In two years, we’ve announced over 500 new affordable homes in Nanaimo – and that’s just the beginning. Our first priority was to build homes for people experiencing homelessness, but now we’re also investing in housing projects for low and middle-income earners in B.C.”

The Province is working in partnership with local and federal governments, non-profits, colleges and universities, Indigenous communities, and private developers to increase the supply of affordable rental housing across B.C.

Malcolmson said that the New Democrat government has acted quickly to address the urgent need for affordable housing, and that they have been working with partners to not just increase the number of homes, but to build the right kind of homes to make life better for people at all ages, stages in life, and income levels.

Malcolmson added that Budget 2018 launched the most significant investment in housing affordability in B.C. history – more than $7 billion over 10 years.

A map showing the location of all announced projects, including those in Nanaimo is now available online at

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