VICTORIA – New Democrat leader Adrian Dix is appointing Victoria Beacon Hill MLA Carole James the key responsibility of addressing growing inequality in B.C., as part of her new role as the critic for social development, and co-chair of the caucus platform committee.

“Inequality – in economic and social terms – is one of the defining issues of our time. Reducing its prevalence, bridging the divisions and disparity it is creating in B.C., is a central priority for our caucus. Carole, with her depth of experience and knowledge, will be a guiding voice on the actions we will take to tackle one of the most significant challenges our province is facing,” said Dix.

James’ new critic role is part of the shadow cabinet changes Dix announced today.She will co-chair the caucus platform committee with finance critic Bruce Ralston. Ralston is also chair of the legislature’s Public Accounts committee.

Other changes include expanded responsibilities for Vancouver Hastings MLA and caucus chair Shane Simpson. In addition to serving as the housing critic, Simpson will now also oversee the Liquour Distribution Branch, gaming policy, and ICBC.

In light of the government announcing the creation of the Justice Ministry, MLAs Leonard Krog and Kathy Corrigan will maintain their existing areas of responsibility: Krog overseeing the courts and justice system, Corrigan police and corrections respectively.

“It is important to maintain this continuity in oversight.Both MLAs have been effective advocates for the justice system, which has been in turmoil due to this government’s policies,” said Dix.

The New Democrat caucus executive also remains the same, following re-election at the recent caucus retreat in Kelowna.

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