New Democrats demand Liberal scandal investigation scope

VICTORIA – New Democrats sent a letter to the Deputy Minister to the Premier asking him to release the terms of reference and scope of his investigation into the abuse of government resources for Liberal partisan purposes.

“While we believe the investigation into the partisan political direction given to public service staff should be done independently, it’s clear the Liberals are determined to bury this investigation by having the premier’s office investigate itself,” said New Democrat house leader John Horgan.

“I’ve written to Mr. Dyble and asked to see what the terms of reference of his investigation are, and what the timeline for completion is,” said Horgan.

In the letter, Horgan asks Mr. Dyble to include in his investigation the involvement of the Premier and her office, the Minister responsible for multiculturalism and his office, any persons named in the Plan or persons named in the leaked documents and emails.

“These are violations of the public service act,” said Horgan. “This is not the time to push this under the rug. This is a profound breach of significant policies and statutes.

“This government has been singularly focussed on campaigning. No governing, no responsibility, no accountability.”

In question period Thursday, New Democrats asked the Liberals why the premier’s office is conducting an internal investigation, when the scandal reaches deep into the premier’s office itself.

Jenny Kwan, New Democrat MLA for Vancouver-Mt. Pleasant, said, “The problem that I think the government doesn’t seem to understand, of course, is that the investigation is actually into the Premier’s office as well.” Kwan continued, “If this is sincere, then I would hope that the government would act accordingly to ensure that the investigation is, in fact, independent and that it includes the premier herself.”