New Democrats release new documents in health firings scandal

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Full-Report_pictureNew Democrats have released a full, unredacted version of the McNeil Review into the health firings scandal. After assuring the public that the report would be made publicly available this past fall, Premier Christy Clark and her government failed to do so.

The version of the report that was made available to select individuals and the media redacted key appendices C and D.

Appendix C reveals that assistant deputy ministers who were accountable for contracting procedures were put in charge of overseeing part of the health ministry investigation that led to the wrongful terminations, despite their conflict of interest.

Appendix D shows that ahead of the government smearing individuals by announcing the involvement of the RCMP on Sept. 6, 2012, it had received legal advice on the specific question of mentioning the police in the government press release on three separate occasions. The government presumably ignored the advice it received.

The unredacted documents raise even more questions that can only be answered with a full public inquiry.

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Investigation into Employee Conduct in the Ministry of Health