Premier Clark admits defeat, drops her jobs plan

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VICTORIA — Premier Christy Clark has abandoned workers in B.C. counting on good jobs to be created in all sectors of the economy.

“It’s very disturbing that Premier Clark’s marching orders to her jobs minister made no mention of a job growth strategy,” said Shane Simpson, New Democrat spokesperson for economic development, jobs, labour, and skills. “With stagnant job growth numbers this past year and a significant decrease in family-supporting jobs, giving up on her jobs plan is a sign the premier has given up on middle class families who are struggling to make ends meet.”

In the past year, B.C. has seen a decline in good paying family-supporting jobs, and employment rates have dropped. Even with B.C.’s jobs climate in a rough position, the Premier’s 2015 mandate letter to Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training Shirley Bond still failed to mention the so-called jobs plan that she has promoted since 2011.

“The Premier is so preoccupied with her desperate attempts to fulfil even one of her major promises to build an LNG industry in B.C that she’s ignoring the rest of the economy,” said Simpson.

The 2013 B.C. Liberal campaign platform said “Creating jobs is the best thing we can do to protect and secure a brighter future for B.C. families.”

“By abandoning the jobs plan, Premier Clark seems to have admitted defeat and shown that job creation and B.C. families aren’t B.C. Liberal priorities,” said Simpson.