Reality Check: Andrew Wilkinson’s B.C. Liberal Team

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Andrew Wilkinson’s B.C. Liberals still aren’t working for British Columbians.

His spokesperson for children and families opposes B.C.’s child care program, and seems to just want women to stay home with their kids

In the legislature, MLA Laurie Throness spoke against the universal child care plan, saying, “I find it strange that the government…ignores the cries of an infant leaving its parent, who has to go to work, and the sadness of a parent who would rather stay home with their new baby for a while.” He continued, “I can tell you how many child care spaces we have right now in B.C. We have one full-time, 24-hour-a-day space for every child in B.C. By law, child care is now, and always has been, universal and 24-7.”

According to a special prosecutor, Wilkinson’s gaming and ICBC spokesperson was involved in various components of the “Quick Wins” scandal, and didn’t give a statement to the RCMP

During the “Quick Wins” hearings, the special prosecutor outlined who played what part in various components of the scandal, including multiple incidents involving MLA John Yap. On the advice of counsel, Yap didn’t give a statement to the RCMP during their investigation, according to the special prosecutor.

His public safety spokesperson thinks First Nations need to be policed more, instead of having their cultural identities supported

Rather than celebrate an historic investment in preserving and revitalizing Indigenous languages, MLA Mike Morris stated that more money should be put into policing their communities instead.

His social development and poverty reduction spokesperson hasn’t asked a question about poverty or social development on behalf of the province’s most vulnerable in Question Period in either 2017 or 2018

MLA Marvin Hunt has yet to ask a question in Question Period on his portfolio, demonstrating that Andrew Wilkinson’s B.C. Liberals don’t see poverty reduction as a priority.

Neither of Wilkinson’s advanced education spokespeople have asked a single question in Question Period for students

The B.C. Liberals have had two MLAs assigned as spokespeople on advanced education, yet neither of them have asked a question on behalf of students in Question Period in 2017 or 2018.

Andrew Wilkinson himself is against the largest housing investment for people in B.C., instead backing the wealthiest 2 per cent of homeowners

The B.C. Liberal Leader slammed the 30-point housing plan, and instead backed owners of luxury homes worth over $3 million.

For 16 years the B.C. Liberals stood with the top two per cent of British Columbians while making life more expensive for everyone else.

Andrew Wilkinson’s B.C. Liberals still aren’t working for British Columbians.