REALITY CHECK: B.C. Liberal Cruel April Fool’s Day Joke Makes British Columbians Pay More

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The B.C. Liberal economic plan is to make British Columbians pay more for everything.

Starting April 1, the following costs will increase:

  • Hydro rates will increase by more than nine per cent this year alone, and 45 per cent between 2008 and 2013 
  • Camping fees in provincial parks will increase by as much as $5 per person, doubling in some backcountry parks.
  • Ferry fares will increase by as much as seven per cent.
  • TransLink fare cards for a single zone will increase from $73 to $81, and a three zone pass will increase from $136 to $150.
  • Terasen gas rates will increase by six per cent.

Meanwhile, starting today, the B.C. Liberals have eliminated the provincial sales tax rebate for energy-saving appliances, making families pay more for sustainable choices.

And while you pay more, banks pay less. The Corporation Capital Tax (Bank Tax) is repealed April 1.

On top of this, here are other increases the B.C. Liberals are hitting families in the pocketbook with:

  • Residential care rates increased on Jan. 1, and will increase again next year.
  • MSP Premiums were increased by six per cent on Jan. 1, 2010,  and will continue to increase by six per cent a year.
  • The HST will drive up the cost of thousands of goods and services on July 1, 2010, if the legislation passes.