Reality Check: Christy Clark’s economic model makes families earn less and pay much, much more

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VICTORIA— “Christy Clark has increased fees and taxes by over $1,000 for the average family. Since she became premier, B.C. has had the worst wage growth in the country and the highest levels of household debt,” said Carole James. “Christy Clark is only there for her friends and the wealthiest two per cent. She isn’t there for hard-working British Columbians.”

  • The average family pays at least $1,000 more each year because of Christy Clark’s increases to the medical services tax, hydro and ICBC rates alone. Families also pay much more for tuition, tolls, ferry fares and even park fees. Christy Clark’s budgets have depended entirely on those massive increases to your family budget.
  • Meanwhile, Christy Clark has given the top two per cent of British Columbians a $230 million income tax cut that they didn’t even ask for.
  • Since September 2011, B.C. has had the worst wage growth, and we’re falling even further behind the national average.