REALITY CHECK: Five Unanswered Questions about the B.C. Rail Plea Deal

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  1. Was the decision by Mike de Jong on behalf of the B.C. Liberal government to offer to pay the defence costs, estimated at $6 million, made before the special prosecutor’s offer of reduced charges and could that have operated as an inducement to the plea bargain?
  2. There are similar cases under investigation involving government members and public servants. Will they be offered similar deals?
  3. Can the government ensure this will not set a precedent? What is the estimated cost of this policy decision if a precedent is set?
  4. Was the premier's office informed or involved in the decision? Was cabinet advised or involved in the decision?
  5. Will the premier commit to immediately release all documents relating to the indemnification deal, including phone records, communications with the defence and special prosecutor, internal memos, approvals and emails?