Reality Check: Premier’s Quick Wins claims don’t add up

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While the premier continues to suggest that controversial parts of the Liberal government’s secret ethnic outreach plan were never acted upon, new testimony by Sepideh Sarrafpour, who worked in ethnic outreach for the government, directly contradicts the premier’s claims.

Premier Clark claimed plans to silence a government employee who had information that would damage the premier and the Liberal Party were never acted upon.

Premier Christy Clark on the inducement: “There was no evidence that it (the e-mail) was ever acted on otherwise you would have seen different recommendations I’m sure from the Dyble committee. -The Province, July 17, 2013.

Sarrafpour confirmed Tuesday that while no money was offered, she was approached with a job offer to buy her silence.

Sarrafpour on the inducement: “[Bloy] said that there is a job happening, that if I want to go & work for them, for Brian Bonney & Harry Bloy.” –Global TV News, July 16, 2013.

The premier also claimed that the Liberals’ secret ethnic outreach plan was only a draft document and was never implemented.

Premier Christy Clark on the quick wins plan: It seems apparent at the moment that most of that document — particularly the things that most of us, including me, find most offensive — was not acted on.” –Hansard, March 4, 2013.

Sarrafpour confirmed the plan was in fact being implemented when she said Tuesday that she attended a meeting in August 2012 in the Premier’s Vancouver office where then Multiculturalism Minister John Yap instructed her and others to generate contact lists that were to be used in the upcoming election.

New Democrats are calling for an independent, external investigation of the Quick Wins scandal.