Same oil pipeline, still an abrupt halt to the tanker moratorium despite ambitious refinery proposal, say New Democrats

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VICTORIA – A new proposal for an Alberta oil sands refinery on B.C.’s coast would still rely on the same Enbridge oil pipeline that poses environmental risks to British Columbia’s rivers and lakes, and still means an end to the tanker moratorium, say the New Democrats.

“This refinery wouldn’t change the pipeline of oil that would traverse British Columbia’s rugged land, and healthy rivers and lakes,” said New Democrat energy critic John Horgan, who along with Skeena MLA Robin Austin, provided the New Democrat’s initial response to the proposal.

“This refinery would still mean an abrupt halt to the tanker moratorium, albeit with a different petroleum product transported along the province’s treacherous coastline,” Horgan said.

“At this point, it’s a proposal without business partners and without First Nations and local community support. It doesn’t change our position on the Enbridge Northern Gateway project.”