Wilkinson doesn’t believe in First Past the Post for his own party, but thinks it’s okay for British Columbians

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VICTORIA – On Saturday, BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson was asked why his party doesn’t use First Past the Post to elect its leaders. If they did, he would have finished third.

He said his party’s preferential ballot system “ensures the majority of the party are comfortable supporting one particular candidate. That’s critical to running a political party.” (Nov 3, 2018)

So when it comes to his own party members, he doesn’t think it’s fair for a minority of voters to pick the leader.

But when it comes to British Columbians, he still thinks a party with 40% of the votes should get 100% of the power.

Perhaps that’s because for years, the BC Liberals governed with majority governments even though they were supported by well under half of British Columbians.