57 new BC NDP MLAs sworn-in to protect and support British Columbians through the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery

New Democrat BC Govt Caucus

VICTORIA – The 57 new BC NDP members of the Legislature were sworn in virtually today, all focused on supporting people through the COVID-19 pandemic and delivering on their commitments to British Columbians.

The ceremony presided over by Kate Ryan-Lloyd, the Clerk of the Legislature, was held virtually to respect physical distancing and travel restrictions in place to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In electing this exceptional group of New Democrats, British Columbians gave us their trust to help them through the pandemic and lead our province’s recovery. They have placed their faith in us at an extraordinary time, and the importance of that will weigh on every decision this government makes,” said Premier John Horgan.

“Like the people who elected us, the New Democrats sworn in today are diverse and resilient. They understand and share the experiences of British Columbians — and they are up for the challenge ahead. As we go forward in the next four years, we will do so with humility, kindness, and by putting the needs of the people first.”

The election of this New Democrat caucus features a number of notable milestones, including: 

  • The first majority-women governing caucus in Canadian history
  • Largest BC NDP caucus in history
  • The highest number of IBPOC MLAs ever in a caucus in BC

“We can see the people of British Columbia reflected in the exceptional BC NDP candidates they chose to send to the Legislature as their representatives,” said Premier John Horgan. “Our team includes nurses, teachers, local government leaders, business owners and operators and community activists. They are parents and grandparents, and they share the hopes, fears and concerns of millions of British Columbians. For the next four years, they will get up every single day and fight as hard as they can for the people who put their trust in them. I am honoured to be on their team, and on yours, as we go forward together.”

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