Adrian Dix Announces Shadow Cabinet

VICTORIA– The new leader of the B.C. New Democrats, Adrian Dix, announced his shadow cabinet Tuesday, saying his team will deliver for British Columbians, inside and outside the legislature.

“With its collective expertise and energy, our team will present a clear contrast to a B.C. Liberal government that is out of ideas and out of touch. We will present concrete proposals on the economy, public health care, public education, the environment and social justice that address the needs of working families and communities,” said Dix.

The list of the members of the new shadow cabinet is attached.

“The B.C. legislature has only sat four days in 10 months. Now, the government is planning to spend a month in the legislature to debate a caretaker budget. Sadly, aside from breaking their word and implementing the HST, the B.C. Liberals have wasted the past two years without action on British Columbians’ major concerns.

“In a clear contrast to a government that is out of ideas and out of touch, our team will be a voice for the change that B.C. voters so desperately want,” said Dix.

The new leader of B.C.’s New Democrats also underscored how articulating policies that serve the greater public interest will re-engage the electorate.

“By offering a clear, practical alternative to the B.C. Liberals’ failed economic and social agenda, my team will be reaching out to the 1.4 million British Columbians who did not vote in the last provincial election.”

Attachment: 11-04-26_ndp_shadow_cabinet