Andrew Wilkinson trying to block John Horgan’s plan to reduce car insurance by $400

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Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals are digging in to stop John Horgan and David Eby’s plan to save drivers 20% a year on their insurance.

By removing lawyers and legal costs from the ICBC process, Enhanced Care will lower car insurance premiums by an average of $400 a year while significantly increasing benefits for people.

Instead of endorsing lower rates and better care, Andrew Wilkinson defended lawyers and inaccurately claimed that these changes won’t come into effect until after the next election. In fact, drivers will see this reduction starting in May 2021 – five months before the next election.

And in a fundraising email, BC Liberal ICBC Critic Jas Johal told supporters “we need your help to fight back” and asked people to donate.

Wilkinson has spent months advocating for a private insurance scheme that even Gordon Campbell rejected because it would lead to double digit rate hikes.

Personal injury law firms received $500 million in settlements from ICBC last year. 14 of those firms have donated a combined $154,926 to the BC Liberals.

Garry Begg, MLA for Surrey-Guildford:

“It’s disappointing that Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals are trying to block better care and lower rates for drivers. Instead of standing with British Columbians who want more affordable and better car insurance, he is backing private insurers and the personal injury lawyers who are driving up rates. It’s clear that he’s not working for people.”