Andrew Wilkinson’s BC Liberals would remove limits to rent increases across the province

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BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson’s housing spokesperson opposes any limits on rent increases, showing they are still putting the interests of big money friends ahead of British Columbians struggling with high housing costs.

This morning, government’s Rental Housing Task Force recommended capping rent increases at the rate of inflation to ease pressure on renters after a decade and a half of increases under a BC Liberal policy.

Just last week, BC Liberal housing spokesperson Sam Sullivan came out against any limits on rent, claiming “that imposing rent controls actually harms renters.” (CBC On the Coast, September 17th)


“Instead of acknowledging that their policies made life less affordable for renters for years, the BC Liberals are doubling down by supporting unlimited rent increases. If ever given the chance, Andrew Wilkinson would make life even harder and more expensive for British Columbians struggling with high housing costs.” – Spencer Chandra Herbert, New Democrat MLA for Vancouver-West End.