As BC Liberals ramp up big money attacks against referendum, Elections BC confirms the question is “simple and clear”

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VICTORIA  BC Liberal-affiliated group KNOWB4UVOTE.COM is spending tens of thousands of corporate dollars on newspaper ads trying to undermine the electoral reform process. Although the group presents itself as non-partisan, BC Liberal MLA Sam Sullivan is listed as one of the group’s directors.

But even as the BC Liberals and wealthy interests attempt to sow confusion to undermine the process, a recent letter from Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman describes the referendum questions as simple and clear:

“In general, I believe that this question is simple and clear enough for voters to understand. They are being offered a distinct choice between the existing voting system and a proportional representation voting system.”

What is also clear is that the BC Liberals and their big money backers will say anything to stop British Columbians from choosing a new way of voting that puts the interests of regular people ahead of those at the top.