REALITY CHECK: Support for B.C. workers in LNG deal insufficient

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After years of supporting the idea of an LNG industry in British Columbia, the head of the B.C. Building Trades union has raised doubts about the deal Premier Clark signed with Petronas because it doesn’t include guarantees that there will be jobs for British Columbians.

The truth unspun:

B.C. LIBERAL SPIN: BC Liberal MLA Greg Kyllo stated in the house on July 13, 2015, “Organized labour is excited about the opportunities that LNG is going to create.”

FACT: B.C. Building Trades Executive Director Tom Sigurdson told CKNW on July 14, 2015, “When I take a look at the enabling legislation and the project development agreement that the province has entered into with Petronas, I don’t see sufficient enough support for British Columbian workers in the legislation or in the agreement.”

FACT: Sigurdson also told CBC Radio on July 13, 2015 “There’s very little in the way of language for training opportunities for British Columbians, and I fear that we could have more temporary foreign workers on the project than what are required.”

Quote from New Democrat spokesperson on economic development, labour, and skills Shane Simpson:

“The B.C. New Democrats are in agreement with B.C. Building Trades that the specific LNG agreement with Petronas will not best serve British Columbians. Premier Clark promised thousands of jobs for British Columbians, but the agreement she got with Petronas tells a different story. There is no mention of job guarantees for British Columbians in the B.C. Liberal LNG agreement. Petronas themselves have admitted that they plan to hire up to 70 per cent temporary foreign workers.”