B.C. Liberals playing politics with B.C. Hydro with CEO appointment

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Victoria – The appointment of former B.C. Liberal deputy minister to Premier Gordon Campbell as CEO of B.C. Hydro shows the Liberals plan to continue to play politics with the public utility, say the New Democrats.

“B.C. Liberal mismanagement of B.C. Hydro has already driven up rates for British Columbians. Another Liberal appointment will only make things worse,” said New Democrat Leader John Horgan.

“Jessica McDonald has no experience in the energy sector,” said Horgan. “Her only relevant experience is as a deputy to the premier who put B.C. Hydro in the mess it’s in today.”

Horgan said he finds it remarkable that the energy minister refuses to let the independent experts at the B.C. Utility Commission review important projects, due to what he absurdly refers to as a lack of experience; yet he has no problem letting someone with absolutely no energy experience run the entire show.

“Before the last election, the premier said they had rates under control,” said Horgan. “As soon as the election was over, B.C. families and businesses were hit with a massive 28-per-cent hike.”

“British Columbians can’t afford more political mismanagement at B.C. Hydro,” said Horgan.