BC Liberal claim that housing market is “cooling off” is out-of-touch, says Coulter

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On Monday afternoon, BC Liberal MLA Bruce Banman said of BC’s housing market: “In my neck of the woods, I’ve talked to a few realtors… it’s cooling off.” (Video)

Banman was speaking against the BC NDP’s bill to introduce a Homebuyer Protection Period that would protect people who are buying a home in BC’s high-pressure market.

Upwards of 70% of offers may be without conditions, putting enormous pressure on people to waive standard conditions such as a home inspection or financing approval.

Banman said the measure “really isn’t actually needed as much as people think it is” because of the “cooling” market.

BC NDP MLA Dan Coulter:

“When it comes to housing, Kevin Falcon’s BC Liberals have proven that they’re not looking out for regular people. These out of touch comments show that the BC Liberals would make housing even more expensive. Our government has been fighting the housing crisis, but we have much more work to do. That’s why the Homebuyer Protection Period is an important step in protecting people buying a home.”