BC Liberals pit Burnaby against other communities on health care after doing nothing for any of them

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VICTORIA – After ignoring the health care needs of British Columbians for nearly two decades, the BC Liberals are now pitting community against community as our BC NDP government continues to invest in health care for people.

Since our government announced a $1.3 billion upgrade of Burnaby Hospital, BC Liberals have been sowing the seeds of discontent in other communities looking for progress on their health projects.

While we understand the frustration that communities face, let’s remember who created this discontent in the first place. The BC Liberals chronically underfunded health care and failed to invest in the health services British Columbians need.

We’re replacing aging hospitals across B.C. and building new hospitals in growing communities so more people can access quality care.

“After years of neglect by the BC Liberals, my constituents in Burnaby are finally getting the hospital they need thanks to the hard work of our New Democrat government. The BC Liberals’ only response is to play cheap political games that do nothing to improve health care in our province.” – Raj Chouhan, MLA for Burnaby-Edmonds