BC Liberals refuse to condemn reckless gas price threats

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VICTORIA – Today in Question Period, the BC Liberals refused to condemn threats by Alberta to attempt to drive up gas prices for British Columbians.

In Question Period, Deputy Premier Carole James said, “Well, it’s incredible to hear the other side and the rhetoric that is coming forward. British Columbia is doing exactly what a lawful jurisdiction does, which is asking for the jurisdictional issue to go to the courts to be decided. It is Alberta…. Alberta’s direction was, in fact, to withdraw their unfair trade measures when we announced that we were going to the courts in February. I’ll just read you a quote that, at the time, Premier Notley said: ‘B.C…is abiding by the law, and this is a good thing.’”

“We are abiding by the law. If Alberta does move in this kind of direction, we will take action. We would expect the members on the other side to stand up for British Columbians.”

Despite being asked multiple times, BC Liberal MLAs declined to condemn the threats, just as they refused to condemn Alberta’s illegal wine ban in February.

“It’s disappointing that the BC Liberals are refusing to denounce these reckless threats against British Columbians and our economy,” said James. “Regardless of their position on the pipeline, they should be unequivocally condemning actions intended to harm people in our province. Unfortunately, they have chosen to stand up for Alberta and Texas billionaires instead of British Columbians.”