BC NDP to introduce motion condemning anti-vax convoy protests

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This morning at 11 am, the legislature is set to debate a motion condemning the illegal anti-vaccine “Freedom Convoy” and affirming support for public health orders.

Almost exactly one year ago, Convoy protestors broke through a police barricade in South Surrey. A week later, protestors swarmed media, prompting police intervention. Prior to being elected as an MLA, RCMP Spokesperson Elenore Sturko condemned these acts: “These kinds of acts of aggression and intimidation towards media, or any member of the public, are simply unacceptable.”

At the same time as protestors were committing violent acts in BC and across the country, some BC Liberal MLAs were expressing support for the protests:

In the legislature, Tom Shypitka said of convoy protestors: “Government needs to listen, bring in and recognize these strong Canadians.”

Renee Merrifield sought support from convoy protestors during her leadership run: “The truckers rally currently driving across Canada is what happens when politicians have lost sight of common sense solutions.”

Independent MLA John Rustad has said that government was wrong to follow the public health advice guiding vaccine requirements: “The divisions that are being created in our society today are on government’s head, and it’s not a pleasant thing to see.”

The motion will be introduced by Nanaimo-North Cowichan MLA Doug Routley and reads as follows:

Be it resolved that one year after the anti-vaccine protests in Ottawa and communities including Victoria, South Surrey, Kelowna, and Cranbrook, this House denounces the freedom convoy protests and affirms that public health orders, including vaccine requirements, have been an essential tool in BC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.