BCUC receives evidence relating to mismanagement and misrepresentations of BC Hydro’s IT plan

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VANCOUVER Evidence detailing issues of mismanagement and deception with respect to BC Hydro’s information technology programs has been provided to the BC Utilities Commission by New Democrat spokesperson for BC Hydro, Adrian Dix.

“British Columbians continue to pay the price for Liberal mismanagement of information technology in government ministries – from education, to health, to children and families – and in the Crown corporations, including BC Hydro,” said Dix.

“In the case of BC Hydro, the information supplied to the commission provides plain evidence of BC Hydro misleading the BC Utilities Commission and the public, making decisions involving hundreds of millions of dollars with a blend of arrogance and disregard about the possible consequences.

“It is ratepayers who must foot the bill for this. BC Hydro and the Liberal government must be held accountable.”

Here is a copy of the letter.