VICTORIA—In recognition of National Child Day, New Democrat MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert joined the Representative for Children and Youth at the launch of a new ‘It Gets Better’ video aimed at supporting lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender youth dealing with discrimination in British Columbia.

“I took part in the creation of this video to share the message that for it to get better, we have to make it better,’” said Chandra Herbert who is featured in the video. “The video, which highlights the experiences of a variety of individuals who have experienced bullying, homophobia and discrimination growing up, sends a message to youth in B.C. that they are not alone and that we can make it better.”

Chandra Herbert who is the MLA for Vancouver-West End, noted that teens who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or transgendered are at higher risk of attempting or committing suicide than their heterosexual peers, in part because of bullying and the culture of intolerance that still proliferates in our schools and society.

“Adrian Dix and the New Democrats believe that as a province we can do a better job of supporting our youth through these tough times. Every school district in B.C. should have strong anti-homophobia and transphobia policies and action plans in place yet the vast majority do not. I thank the Representative for Children and Youth for taking action, and supporting positive initiatives like the ‘It Gets Better’ project to ensure everyone is respected for who they are and encouraging youth to speak up against hate and for love and acceptance” said Chandra Herbert.

“For it to get better, we have to make it better. My hope is that in sharing my experience with teenagers in the LGBT community, they can imagine a future for themselves where they will feel safe and celebrated. And my dream is for our provincial government to take concrete action now to make it better by ensuring every one of our schools is safe for LGBT youth.”

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