Christy Clark Truth-Checker: MSP

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Christy Clark wants you to forget that she more than doubled Medical Services Plan premiums over the last 16 years, and that she has repeatedly made the choice to make British Columbians pay more through this unfair tax.

Compare her comments this week to what she said last year.

Christy Clark in January 2016 (defending her repeated hikes to the MSP tax):

“One of the reasons British Columbia has an MSP system, and it’s had it for a long, long time, has been to remind people that health care isn’t a free service in our province.” (Vancouver Sun, Jan. 28, 2016)

Christy Clark in February 2017 (justifying her promise to cut MSP premiums after the next election):

“Everybody knows MSP premiums don’t go to pay for healthcare.” (Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Feb. 22, 2017)

After years of making British Columbians pay more through this unfair tax, why would anyone believe Christy Clark now when she suddenly says she cares, right before an election?