Reality Check: Christy Clark’s “real world”

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bills-2VICTORIA Christy Clark thinks that anyone who disagrees with her plan to sink young people deeper into debt to buy unaffordable homes “probably don’t live in the real world.”

Here is what Christy Clark’s real world is like:

  • A $50,000 salary “top up” from the B.C. Liberal party, on top of her $190,000 public salary as premier
  • Owning a $1.7 million home, renting a second house in Kelowna, and renting a third house in Vancouver at $5,000+ per month
  • Spending $923,000 on her own personal photographers
  • Spending over $500,000 on private chartered planes
  • Spending $15 million on a self-promotional ad campaign paid for by B.C. taxpayers

Meanwhile, thanks to Christy Clark, ordinary British Columbians’ real world is getting less and less affordable.
Since she became premier

  • 24 per cent increase in MSP, with another 10 per cent increase coming January 1 for couples without children at home
  • 36 per cent increase in ICBC premiums, with up to 42 per cent more by 2020
  • 30 per cent increase to B.C. Hydro bills
  • Canada’s highest student loan interest rate
  • Second-slowest wage growth in Canada