Claim Wilkinson Called ‘Nonsense’ Proves True [With Video]

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New video shows BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson was making stuff up when he denied his MLA once tried to give away a $3 million ICBC building and land to lobbyists.

Before the video came out, Wilkinson called the claim “nonsense.” (CHNL, Oct 25)

But the video shows former Transportation Minister Todd Stone at an event for the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA). Stone says: “I am pleased to announce I have directed ICBC to transfer their training facility from their ownership and control to the ownership and control of the ARA.” (Video)

Full video of Stone’s speech is available here.

BC NDP MLA Ravi Kahlon:

“When ICBC was in trouble, the BC Liberals chose industry lobbyists and made everybody else pay for it. Now Andrew Wilkinson has been caught making stuff up to cover his tracks again. If Andrew Wilkinson and the BC Liberals had spent less time misleading people on ICBC and more time fixing it, British Columbians wouldn’t still be paying the price today.”