Dix calls on Premier to reverse pay raises for political staff

VANCOUVER – New Democrat leader Adrian Dix challenged Premier Clark to reverse hefty pay raises for political staff and ensure they have to abide by the same mandate her government is imposing on public sector wages as a whole.

“It is simply wrong for the Liberal government to award large pay increases to political insiders at the same time they are continuing to demand restraint in all other public sector bargaining and imposing wheelchair fees on vulnerable seniors,” said Dix. “This is another blatant case where the Premier breaks rules that apply to everyone else.

“When it comes to political staff, Premier Clark should lead by example, as her government seeks to pass her supposedly balanced budget. Her government got elected on claims of a balanced budget, increased core services and reduced debt. She needs to show those priorities were more than just slogans on the side of her campaign bus, especially now as she seeks a seat in the Westside-Kelowna by-election.”

The cabinet quietly approved substantial pay increases for her Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff, as well as newly-created Chief of Staff positions in ministers’ offices. The maximum pay for the Premier’s Chief of Staff was increased from $195,000 to $230,000, while her new Deputy Chief of Staff is being paid $195,000, compared to the $144,000 salary of her predecessor. In addition, newly created Chiefs of Staff in ministers’ offices will see their maximum pay increased to $102,000 from $94,500.