Dix challenges BC Hydro and Christy Clark government to find promised $732 million in smart meter savings

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lanscape-neutral-backdropVANCOUVER— New Democrat BC Hydro spokesperson, Adrian Dix, challenges Christy Clark’s government and BC Hydro to find $732 million in promised savings in its Smart Meter program

“Ordered by the BC Liberal cabinet to spend $1 billion on Smart Meters, BC Hydro produced a business case that promised extravagant cost recoveries from electricity theft,” said Dix. “Those savings have not materialized.

“Because the BC Liberal government exempted Smart Meters, like the Site C Dam, from a BC Utilities Commission review, these exaggerated claims about a reduction in electricity theft from marijuana grow-ops were untested.”

Dix said the one thing that is known for sure is that the Smart Meter program cost at least $1 billion, and the average hydro bill has skyrocketed since Christy Clark became premier.

Adrian Dix’s letter to Jessica McDonald, CEO of BC Hydro, can be found here.