Does Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy support his Bowen Island constituents?

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VICTORIA – West Vancouver-Sea to Sky MLA Jordan Sturdy needs to tell his constituents whether he is on their side in their fight against his government’s ferry service cuts, say New Democrats.

“This morning, Liberal MLA Jordan Sturdy presented a petition from 1,300 Bowen Islanders opposed to ferry service cuts. I’m sure those same constituents are wondering why Mr. Sturdy failed to stand up for them in his role as parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Transportation, who was specifically given the ferries file,” said New Democrat ferries critic Claire Trevena.

“Does Mr. Sturdy support his constituents? If so, he needs to take action. And that involves doing more than delivering their petitions.”

Only one Liberal MLA has come out against service cuts that will damage communities up and down the coast and hurt the province’s economy.

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett told media that her government’s plan to cut the Discovery Coast route in 2014 would be “devastating to the tourism industry and small businesses.”

“Liberal MLAs are surely embarrassed by their government’s lack of concern for the businesses, families and communities they represent that will be impacted by these cuts,” said Trevena. “These people deserve real action from their MLAs to put our ferry system back on track.”