Falcon calls rebates ‘stupid little cheques’ and opposes NDP’s changes at ICBC

Today, the BC NDP government announced another round of rebates made possible by its switch to the Enhanced Care model.

In addition to hundreds of dollars in rebates, drivers are saving nearly $500 every year on their insurance rates.

Despite the savings, Kevin Falcon opposes the BC NDP’s fixes at ICBC. In a November leadership debate, Falcon came out squarely against the Enhanced Care model and called the rebates “stupid little cheques”:

“I also want to echo what Michael Lee said. Because David Eby and the NDP before the election said, ‘oh, we’re not going to bring in no-fault.’ And then what happens after the election? They bring in no-fault. And then they send people back these stupid little cheques, you know, trying to say, ‘oh yes, isn’t this great? You’re getting some money back.’ I think I got a $4 cheque for one of my cars. But the issue is this: wait ’til the other shoe drops. And the other shoe drops is what Michael talked about. And that is when somebody is seriously injured and they want to get appropriate compensation for their injuries, they’re going to be welcomed to the big world of government and WCB saying, ‘oh no, no, no, we’re going to take care of you and we’re going to tell you what kind of services and compensation you’re going to get for the rest of your life.’ And I’ll tell you, that’s not going to work for a lot of British Columbians when they realize the full implications.”

Former BC Liberal ICBC Critic Michael Lee and the rest of the BC Liberals fought against the move to Enhanced Care and continue to oppose it.

When Falcon was Finance Minister in 2012, he kicked off a $500 million raid of ICBC while hiking rates by 11%.