Falcon failed the people of Surrey on healthcare, says Dix

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In today’s Question Period, Health Minister Adrian Dix highlighted Kevin Falcon’s refusal to build a second hospital and a second medical school for Surrey. 

In 2012, then-Finance Minister Kevin Falcon announced a plan to sell off land set aside for a second hospital, calling the land “surplus.”

Dix said Falcon was “the person who sold the land. The person who stopped the second Surrey hospital being built – after he promised it.” said Dix. “That person shouldn’t be talking about hospital care in Surrey. We build the hospital. He sells the land.”

Dix also highlighted Falcon’s decision to reject a 2008 proposal for a second medical school, which would have been located in Surrey. 

“In 2008, there was a proposal from the Fraser Health Authority and SFU to build a second medical school in Surrey. Who was against it? He was against it.” said Dix. 

“And now Honourable Speaker, the medical school and the hospital that he stopped, he’s complaining about. We are building a second medical school. We are building a second hospital.” 

Video of Minister Dix’s comments is available here.