Falcon flip flops on promise to vote for Surrey Police Service

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Minutes ago, Kevin Falcon voted against legislation that would help ensure a smooth transition to the Surrey Police Service, completely reversing course on his previous support for the transition.

In March, Falcon told the Punjabi Press Club he’d work hard for a smooth transition to the SPS.

In May, Falcon told RED FM he was willing to go back to the legislature to vote for the Surrey Police transition: “if that’s what’s necessary to make it happen, we would certainly be there.” (Video)

That month, he also told Connect FM that he “would absolutely make a binding decision, for sure” to force the transition.

Falcon skipped an earlier vote on the bill last Wednesday to travel to Nechako Lakes to campaign against BC Conservative Leader John Rustad.

BC NDP MLA Bruce Ralston:

“Kevin Falcon spent the summer telling Punjabi media he’d vote for the Surrey Police Service, then he voted against it. He’s saying one thing in Surrey and then doing the opposite in the legislature when it counts. He’s focused on his own politics instead of keeping people safe.”