Falcon must denounce Merrifield’s attack on journalists, says Singh

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BCUP MLA Renee Merrifield is once again amplifying harmful, anti-science views.

Merrifield retweeted a post by anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claiming that journalists were “slavish government propagandists during Covid.” (Screenshot)

BC NDP MLA Aman Singh is calling on Kevin Falcon to act.

“Yet again, Renee Merrifield is spreading harmful, anti-science views,” said Singh. “This is a direct attack on journalists who were doing their jobs during the pandemic and it’s completely unacceptable from an MLA. Kevin Falcon should denounce this immediately and ask her to retract and apologize.”

It’s just the latest in a long pattern of Merrifield spreading harmful views and misinformation. Merrifield has:

  • Amplified transphobic comments and defended Jordan Peterson, who is known for his transphobic and sexist views;
  • Falsely claimed that taking Vitamin D would cure COVID;
  • Courted the support of “freedom” convoy truckers during her leadership bid;
  • Had to apologize for amplifying personal attacks on Dr. Bonnie Henry. Merrifield liked tweets that said:
    • “She has little regard for the health & safety of BC’s vulnerable populations”
    • “Schools/workplaces are being used to slowly spread the virus”
    • “[Dix] just opens up his head, lets Bonnie pour in her BS of the week”
  • Introduced a petition to the Legislature claiming masks cause “irreversible damage, emotionally, mentally and physically to children”;
  • Told an anti-abortion group that as leader she would support restrictions on abortion and wouldn’t stop MLAs from introducing anti-abortion bills “save only in an election year.”